15 HP Rotary Phase Converter - CNC GRADE


  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
  • Cast Iron
  • CNC Grade
  • ISR (Inverter Spike Resistance)




  • 100% Power
  • Standard Push Button Start & Stop
  • Optional Mag Starter
  • CNC Grade, Balance Within 2% (+/-)
  • Cool & Quiet Operation
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Oversize Components for Durability
  • Heavy Duty Oil filled Capacitors
  • TEFC ( totally enclosed fan cooled )

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Phoenix Phase Converter
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About Us

10 Year Warranty


Applied Industrial Motors customer service goal is simple: We are committed to providing our customers total satisfaction. Every time. Guaranteed. Please feel free to drop us a line to share your thoughts on our site, products or services. All comments welcomed.

Once you experience our services you will want to make us your only service provider. Our highly skilled staff offers A/C and D/C electric motor repair, rewinding services, pump repair, and much more with an efficient and fast turnaround.

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We offer a full 10 year warranty against defect on all Phoenix Phase Converters. We also offer free lifetime 24/7 technical support.


Unit maybe returned for a full refund after 7 days of receiving the unit if the unit has not been used. If the unit has been used under we may offer a credit, full or partial credit is determined on the condition of the phase converter.

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Quick Sizing Guidelines

This 15 HP Phase Converter can Start & Run the following motor loads:
  • 10 HP Easy Load
    (Drill, Bench Grinder, Small Milling Machine.)
  • 7.5 HP Medium Load
    (Belt Sander, Hobart Mixers, Meat Grinder.)
  • 7.5 HP Hard Load
    (Iron Worker, Lathe, Compressor.)
  • 45 HP Total Load
    (Largest motor to start must meet Medium, Hard or Resistive)
  • 10 HP Max Single Motor Load Start Capability
Or the following Resistive & Current loads:
  • 20 Amps Resistive
  • 20 Amps CNC (vfd spindle & servos)
  • 42 Amps Total
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Product Features

100% Power
100% Power

The output of the Rotary Phase Converter is closer to being a true 3-phase source that the Static Converter. This provides more power to the tool motor, and also brings it up a speed faster. The Rotary Converter is best served when you have a motor which is started and stopped frequently, and you need the full power of the motor. Furthermore, a single Rotary Converter can drive several different 3-phase tools, whereas a Static is built for a specific machine.

Quality Best!
Quality Best!

Inverter Spike Resistant magnet wire wound motors with ISR wire are up to 100 times more resistant to voltage spikes and high frequencies, in addition Class F insulation is the highest grade of insulation available. Plus the winding is wrapped with a high quality cotton tape. Estimated lifetime is 8500 hours compared to other competitors' insulation with an estimated lifetime is 1800 hours.

Optional Push Button & Mag
Optional Push Button & Mag

An added convenience and safety, Start and Stop the phase converter at the panel with a push of a button, with a built in magnetic starter, also in the event of a power failure, the converter will stay in the off position once the power is restored.

Precision Voltage Balanced Within 2%
Precision Voltage Balanced Within 2%

Every phase converter is tested right before it is shipped to make sure it is within specifications. We voltage balance our converters so that voltage sensitive equipment and significantly smaller loads will not see unbalanced currents. Voltage on our converter are adjustable to meet your needs.

Installation Made Easy
Installation Made Easy

Phoenix Phase Converter makes it easy! Installation in minutes! Loose connections can lead to major damages, nuts, and bolts can come loose in time. With a built-in oversized nickel plated power distribution block and set screws you can be sure to avoid corrosion and get a secure connection.

Grow When Your Business Grows
Grow When Your Business Grows

When you get equipment that requires a larger phase converter, you can upgrade your Phoenix Phase Converter too. Just purchase an additional phase converter to easily parallel the two phase converters together. Example: Turn a 20HP into a 40HP or a 20HP into a 30HP. Check out our 3 phase converters

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General Specifications
Model ?
HP ?
kW ?
Type Rating ?
Idler Frame Required ?
Input Voltage ?
Output Voltage ?
Idler ?
1-Phase Specifications
Input Voltage ?
Approx. Idle Amps ?
Frequency (Hz) ?
Efficiency ?
Minimum Breaker Size ?
Maximum Breaker Size ?
Min. Wire Breaker to Converter ?
3-Phase Specifications
Output Voltage ?
Phase Shift (degrees) ?
Voltage Balance ?
Max Current (amps) ?
Frequency ?
Min Breaker to Load ?
Max Breaker to Load ?
Min Wire Size to Idler ?
Min Wire Size to Load ?
Physical Specifications
Idler Frame Size ?
Idler RPM ?
Panel Height ?
Panel Width ?
Panel Depth ?
Panel Color ?
Panel Style ?
Optional Panel ?
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Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled vs Open Drip Proof

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled [TEFC]
Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled [TEFC]

TEFC Motors are more reliable. Air flows over the motor and have much more iron for cooling the motor and provide more power.

Open Drip Proof [ODP]
Open Drip Proof [ODP]

Open Motors--Pull foreign objects in, along with the air for cooling. Not good.

Always purchase a rotary converter with a Heavy Duty Cast Iron Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled rotary motor. They are more durable, run cooler because of the amount of iron used in the motor and they provide more power then a rotary motor that is manufactured with rolled steel and its an open style motor. Open style rolled steel rotary motors are much cheaper for a converter manufacturer to purchase, they do not weigh very much so they are cheaper on shipping charges. ODP style motors allow moisture, dust and dirt and insects to enter the windings and bearings. Insects love the heat of the motors and will end up making a home inside the motor. The internal fan on the rotor, will suck dust in that accumulates on the windings and forms an insulation barrier that will not allow the winding to cool properly over time. If you take a look at all the woodworking and machine shop equipment that manufacturers provide, you will notice that they all use totally enclosed fan cooled motors on their equipment for the same reason. They are better motors.

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How do phase converters measure up to utility three phase?

Three phase power from an electric company is frequently expensive, or often not even available. All features available with three phase power (full load torque, locked rotor, breakdown torque, and full horse power) are available with a phase converter but at a much less expensive cost to the consumer.

Are all phase converters manufactured at equal levels?

Absolutely not! A problem commonly found with a poorly constructed phase converter is that the units are badly balanced with all electrical capacity burdened on one phase of the internal winding. This generates overheating and can lead to a break down of the converter. With our balance being within 5% you will receive nothing but outstanding performance. We also guarantee our converters to run cool and quiet, so you won't have to worry about excessive noise.

How is the accurate Phoenix Phase Converter determined?

Talk to our experienced technician for all sizing requirements at 866-205-7577.

How long will my Phoenix Phase Converter last?

Longer than the equipment it operates on a general basis. Because of the low amperage it continuously runs you can expect a lifetime of problem free service from our converters.

Do Phoenix Phase Converters cost a lot to operate?

Actually, many utility companies recommend phase converters for the energy saving capability, meaning low costs to you. If you are presently operating on three phase power, switching to a phase converter could reduce your utility costs because you can take advantage of the single phase rate structure and not have to pay an in demand charge (as most companies charge with use of a three phase power).

Do I have to worry about my Phoenix Phase Converter overheating while idling?

No! The care we take in balancing our currents on each winding means you will not have to start and stop your converter to prevent overheating, creating added power expenditure and nuisance, as you would with an unbalanced unit.

Will the Phoenix Phase Converter require an extreme amount of power to start?

No. Our power saving start feature reduces the amount of inrush amperage resulting in a minimum of energy output.

Is it difficult to install my Phoenix Phase Converter?

No. In fact our easy to install because the terminal blocks are easily accessible. Of course if you have any questions at all we have a 24/7 tech support ready to help you. Just call 866-205-7577.

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Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram
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Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, Check by Phone/Fax (Cashier Check/Money Orders need to clear before shipment).

Other Information

Arizona Sales must pay Sales Tax 8.1%

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Fast Shipping

FAST shipping. No charge for lift gate. We cannot ship freight or any UPS Express deliveries without a contact phone number. Please let us know if you have any special requirements. Phoenix Phase Converter is NOT responsible for redelivery charges or shipping charges for returns or repairs.

We ship from warehouses in 6 different cities to provide you with the quickest delivery possible. We ship from Los Angeles, CA; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Kansas City, KS; Indianapolis, IN; and Atlanta, GA.

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