240-208Y/120 Volt 3 Phase Electrical Transformers-45
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240-208Y/120 Volt 3 Phase Electrical Transformers-45

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High Voltage Amps:  108.4

Low Voltage Amps:  125.0

Dimensions (inches): 32 X 26 X 17

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How the 240-208Y/120 Volt 3 Phase Electrical Transformer-45 Operates

3 phase electric transformers feature 3 interchanging voltages that vary in phase by 120 degrees. The 240-208Y/120 Volt 3 Phase Transformer-45 is equipped with a total of 3 single phase windings that are integrated with a single core. The output of this type of transformer is able to be produced by configuring an individual 3 phase transformer or by connecting 3 single phase transformers. 

A majority of organizations decide to invest in a single 3 phase transformer instead of 3 separate single phase transformers because they feature a compact design and are easier to install. In addition, the copper and iron cores are more efficient with a 3 phase transformer configuration. The primary and secondary windings of a 3 phase power transformer are engineered to be integrated in various configurations to meet the requirements of your application.

Types of Transformer Connections

The 3 types of integrations that can be created by the 240-208Y/120 Volt 3 Phase Electric Transformer-45 are Wye (Star), Zig-Zag (Interconnected Star), and Mesh (Delta). A 3 phase power transformer features a total of 3 primary and secondary windings that are designed to be connected in a variety of ways. The windings can be integrated to resemble Delta or Star shapes. To determine the correct type of connection, you will be required to inspect the 3 voltages that are separated by 120 degrees.

To ensure your configuration is organized correctly, it’s important to assign letters to the 3 primary windings on a 3 phase electrical transformer. Letters such as A, B, and C are utilized to identify various types of phases including Red, Yellow, and Blue. Always use uppercase letters to identify the primary windings of a transformer. On the other hand, the secondary windings of a 3 phase transformer are identified with the lowercase letters a, b, and c.

Transformers Are Designed to Modify Voltage Levels

The 240-208Y/120 Volt 3 Phase Electrical Transformer-45 is engineered to circulate electricity to 3 phase systems such as electric motors. Electric transformers are constructed to modify voltage levels before the electricity reaches its destination, such as a piece of hardware or a motor in a warehouse. 3 phase electrical transformers are utilized by operators to boost or decrease voltage that is being distributed to hardware. If a transformer is used to increase the voltage, the increase is referred to as stepping up the voltage. On the other hand, a transformer that is utilized to decrease voltage levels is referred to as stepping down the voltage.

Prevent Energy Loss

Electricity loses a small amount of energy as it is distributed from a single source to a different location. To prevent energy loss, electrical distribution centers utilize single and 3 phase power transformers to increase the voltage of electricity before it is circulated. Less energy is wasted during the distribution cycle when the voltage is high. 

To prevent the loss of energy, a Step Up Transformer is used to increase the voltage before it’s circulated to commercial facilities or houses. When the voltage reaches a residential neighborhood, the electrical supplier will utilize a transformer to decrease the voltage of the electricity before it reaches your household. A transformer that is designed to decrease voltage is referred to as a Step Down Transformer.

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