1. Adding two or more phase converters together..

    Many advantages of pairing two or more phase converters together.

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  2. How does the cost of a phase converter compare to that of replacing three-phase motors with single-phase ones?

    electric motor

    In small horsepower ratings (under 3 HP), it may actually be economical to replace the motors.

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  3. What is the difference between an ODP and TEFC idler generator? Why are they important?

    Difference Between an ODP and TEFC Idler Generator

    Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled [TEFC]

    TEFC Motors are more reliable.

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  4. Three Phase Electric Motor Wiring Diagrams

    Electric Motor Wiring


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  5. Motor Enclosure Types

    Katie Rydzewski

    Thank you Katie Rydzewski for explaining the motor enclosure types so well.

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  6. How To Read A Motor Nameplate

    Motor nameplate

    Reading a motor nameplate can sometimes pose a unique challenge. Most manufacturers display information differently, and nameplates often get dirty, damaged, and occasionally are removed. This can make reading a motor nameplate a difficult or frustrating task.

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  7. How does a Phase Converter work?

    How It Works

    Our Phoenix Rotary Phase Converters act as a rotary electric power generator.

    They can transform single phase power into three phase power.

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  8. What type of maintenance do the phase converters require?

    Phase Converter Maintenance

    Phase converters in general typically don't require much maintenance, if at all.

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  9. Operating CNC, or VFD's with a Rotary Phase Converter

    Phase Converter for CNC Machines

    In short, CNC is probably one of the most demanding applications for phase converters, so yes to operating CNC's with a Phoenix Phase Converter. As for VFD's, that's a yes, too!

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  10. How do I know what size phase converter I need?

    How Do I Know What Size Phase Converter I Need?

    There is a few factors that are used to determine the size of the phase converter to be used, we have to determine the load type and horsepower and is there any resistive loads.

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