1. Top Industrial Applications of Phase Converters

    Three different phase converters

    The nice thing about electric phase converters is that they work with most industries. It doesn't matter if you're in the food service, agriculture, construction, metalworking, or woodworking industry. Electrical phase converters will still be able to help you in at least one way, shape, or form. And since they can be used in a variety of ways, phase converters fill many different jobs. Perhaps you should consider checking out how a phase converter can help you.

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  2. Top 5 Benefits of Getting a Transformer Installed

    Electric transformer


    All of us, for different reasons, are trying to be more energy efficient. Some do it because they want to help the environment while others want money savings. If you are debating getting a new energy efficient power distribution transformer installed, here are 5 reasons you should look at installing three phase converters as soon as you can.

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  3. A Beginner's Guide to Buying Phase Converters

    3 phase converter


    Deciding to migrate to a phase converter or replace an old one is a major decision. Even at the low end, you are looking at a significant investment that could run into the thousands of dollars depending on what you need. Before you look at dozens of 3 phase converters for sale, however, make sure you take into consideration the following.

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  4. Adding two or more phase converters together..

    Many advantages of pairing two or more phase converters together.

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  5. How does a Phase Converter work?

    How It Works

    Our Phoenix Rotary Phase Converters act as a rotary electric power generator.

    They can transform single phase power into three phase power.

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  6. What type of maintenance do the phase converters require?

    Phase Converter Maintenance

    Phase converters in general typically don't require much maintenance, if at all.

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  7. Operating CNC, or VFD's with a Rotary Phase Converter

    Phase Converter for CNC Machines

    In short, CNC is probably one of the most demanding applications for phase converters, so yes to operating CNC's with a Phoenix Phase Converter. As for VFD's, that's a yes, too!

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  8. How do I know what size phase converter I need?

    How Do I Know What Size Phase Converter I Need?

    There is a few factors that are used to determine the size of the phase converter to be used, we have to determine the load type and horsepower and is there any resistive loads.

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  9. How efficient are phase converters?


    Extremely efficient.

    Losses are generally less than 15% and usually under 10%.

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  10. How much power do phase converters draw?

    Phase Converter

    The power drawn by a phase converter depends on how much load is connected.

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