Deciding to migrate to a phase converter or replace an old one is a major decision. Even at the low end, you are looking at a significant investment that could run into the thousands of dollars depending on what you need. Before you look at dozens of 3 phase converters for sale, however, make sure you take into consideration the following.


Assess Your Single Phase Capacity

Before you invest in a single phase to 3 phase converter, you must make sure that your single phase input is adequate to be sent through a 3 phase converter. Otherwise, you'll just end up wasting money. To calculate how much single phase power you need, multiply the amount of 3 phase amps your load requires by 1.6. This is the number of single phase amps you need at a minimum. You then need to multiply that number by 1.2, which will give you the required amount of single phase amps you need plus a 20% buffer. The 20% is needed to ensure you always have enough power, and most towns and cities require that you have at least 20% above your required load.


Know Your Load Requirements

This is a somewhat subjective determination. You have to evaluate whether your load requirements are light, medium or heavy. A light load would entail hand-held power tools, or tools like a drill press or table saw. A medium load would include Computerized Numerical Control Machines or others like them in terms of their power needs. A heavy load includes running things like an HVAC system, air compressors or refrigeration.

Know Your Load Size

There are a lot of numbers you have to keep track of pertaining to your power load: horsepower, amps, kilowatts, peak load requirements and average cycle requirements as it pertains to the type of phase converters you look at. One method of simplifying that is to take your entire load and only consider equipment that can handle a ratio of 2:1, or two times whatever your average load requirements are.


If you want to be very sure your converters can handle any load requirements you have, take your peak load usage and multiply that by two. By doing that, you will never have to worry about exceeding your converter capacity and the unused potential of the converter is not significantly different than two times the average load.


Ensure Proper Care and Maintenance

That sounds like the end of a television advertisement for some type of construction or farming equipment, but the message is critical. Digital 3 phase converters are rugged, but they cannot stand abuse for very long. You must protect them from the work environment and the actual environment when applicable. Cleaning and maintaining your phase converter properly is key.


If your converter(s) will be around metal shavings, you need to protect it from them. If you work in a dusty environment, regular cleaning and dust protection measures are a must. A unit that is exposed to the elements must be protected from wind, snow and rain. Not taking the measures above will reduce the lifespan of your converter.


As you look at 3 phase converters for sale, it is vital that you know what you need beforehand to save time as well as avoid purchasing something you do not need is not robust enough. Check out Phoenix Phase Converter for more information on 3 phase equipment and the options available to you.