Many industries use a 3D printer for various applications, from aerospace and medical to engineering and automotive. For a 3D printer to be effective, you need the right power source to operate it. Keep reading to learn about how phase converters benefit the 3D printing process.

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Can I Use a Phase Converter With a 3D Printer?

3D printers are heavy-duty CNC machines that require more electricity to operate than utility power supplies offer. Phase converters are an ideal option for powering 3D printers because they provide a continuous stream of electricity to ensure smooth operation from start to finish.

Choosing a 3D Printer Power Source

Choosing the right power supply unit (PSU) for your 3D printer is essential. You need one that will provide a continuous supply of reliable power so you can complete 3D printing projects uninterrupted. Consider these four factors when choosing a power supply for your 3D printer.

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Output Voltage

Voltage is the difference in electric potential between two points. Output voltage is the amount of voltage the power source discharges during operation. The power source’s voltage should align with the 3D printer’s voltage requirement. Using a power source whose output voltage isn’t compatible with the 3D printer’s voltage requirement can result in equipment damage and create hazardous conditions.

Output Wattage

Wattage measures how much power is needed to operate an electrical device. Output wattage is the amount of wattage—or power—the power source releases during operation. The power source’s output wattage should be high enough to power the 3D printer. Ideally, the power source’s output wattage will be slightly higher than what the 3D printer requires. Using a power source whose output wattage is too low can decrease the 3D printer’s efficiency or render it inoperative.


Your power source should be the appropriate size for the 3D printer to ensure optimal performance. An undersized power source may not provide adequate power while an oversized power source may take up too much space and cost more money than you need to spend.

Brand & Quality

A power source made with high-quality materials is more likely to last longer and produce better results. The more reputable the brand, the higher-quality materials the power source is made with. A high-quality power source can help you avoid costly repairs. While you may spend less upfront for a power source made by a lesser-known brand, you’ll end up paying more in the long run for constant repairs or a replacement device.

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Key Benefits of Using a Phase Converter for 3D Printer Operation

So why is a rotary phase converter the best option for operating a 3D printer? Because phase converters ensure:

  • A consistent supply of reliable power
  • Optimal performance
  • Enhanced operational efficiency

Don’t waste your time experimenting with alternative power sources. Invest in a premium rotary phase converter to power all your 3D printing needs.

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