How To Convert Three Phase To Single Phase Power

Are you looking for ways on how to convert 3 phase to single phase power? There are several ways to do so. You’ll have to first consider your current balance needs. If you intend to use the single phase in running sensitive machines, then you need to look for more accurate phase transformation systems. There are others which involve playing with the connection lines, while some will require you to buy a sensitive transformer.

Some of the methods you can apply include the following:

How to convert three phase to single phase power

Use One of the Phases from the System and a Neutral Wire

You can decide to ignore the two phases in the three phase supply line and use a neutral wire with a single phase instead. It is a simple method which can result to obtaining a single phase out of the three phase system -- but it is less accurate. You can try it if your supply need is not too sensitive to current balancing.

Convert the 3 Phase AC Connection to a DC, then to a Single Phase

You can use an electronic rectifier to convert the supply into a DC system. From the DC system, you can then convert it back into a single phase AC line connection. It is a simple method where you will only need a rectifier and you can transform the supply to your preferred phase.

Use a Single Phase Transformer

If you can get a single phase transformer, then you can easily convert your three phase into the single phase connection. It is a simple process which you can easily achieve if you buy the right transformer. It is ideal for connections with less than 5 KVA. If you intend to convert power more than the 5 KVA, then you may be required to look for a different transformation method.

Open Delta Transformers

If you intend to convert more than 5KVA to a single phase, then you will need a more powerful transformer for the job. Applying the open delta transformer works very well. It is sturdily built to allow you come up with the conversion easily. Always check on your load requirements before you decide to apply a given method in your phase conversions.

Scott T Transformers

It is another transformer you can apply to change the phase from three phase to a single phase connection. The connection involves the use of a teaser transformer and the main transformer, which work in coordination to achieve the phase transformation. The current achieved is more balanced, which can work well if you run machines which require highly balanced current.

Le-Blanc Transformers

This transformer is effective in allowing you convert a three phase with more than 5 KVA and 400 V into a single phase. With this transformer, you can achieve accurate conversions which will assure you reliable current to run sensitive machines.

Are you still stressed on how to convert 3 phase to single phase power? Above are a few simple methods you can apply to achieve the conversion. The different methods achieve varied levels of current balance, hence you need to check on your load requirements before you decide on a given method.