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Single Phase Electrical Transformers accept single-phase AC power and output single-phase AC power, typically at a higher or lower voltage level. Energy is transferred from one circuit to one or more circuits via electromagnetic induction.

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A single phase high-voltage electrical transformer is a type of power transformer that utilizes single-phase alternating current, meaning the electric transformer relies on a voltage cycle that operates in a unified time phase. Single phase electrical transformers are often used to step-down long distance and localized transmission currents into power levels more suitable for residential and light-commercial applications.

Single Phase Electrical Transformers Are Popular in Suburban Areas

Single-phase power electric transformers are more popular than three-phase transformers in non-urban areas, as the cost of a three-phase distribution network is much higher, and the overall electrical demand is lower. The highest voltage available in a single-phase network from a single phase electrical transformer is regulated by utility infrastructure and industrial regulations. A single-phase power electrical transformer is frequently used for power distribution and voltage reduction for residential and commercial applications.

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What Does a Single Phase Electric Transformer Do?

A single phase electric transformer includes two coils that are referred to as inner and outer windings. The primary winding will normally have a higher voltage level when compared to the secondary winding. The windings in a single phase power electrical transformer feature a core component that is engineered with coils and a magnetic iron circuit.

Since the primary and secondary windings are connected to the core, power is able to be transmitted without an electrical connection. When electricity is transferred through the primary winding, a magnetic field is developed to create an electrical voltage in the secondary winding. The primary coil will usually process high voltage levels to develop a magnetic field.

So, what does a single phase electric transformer do? This alternating field will be transformed into electrical power by the secondary coil. This power is engineered to provide the necessary voltage output. Phoenix Phase Converters offers affordable and trustworthy single phase electric transformers that can be utilized to fulfill moderate to large commercial applications. We also offer three phase 480 delta primary transformers for other types of projects. In addition to transformers, Phoenix Phase Converters also provides other products including rotary phase converters, electric chain hoists, single to three phase converters, and converter panels. Give our team a call by phone at (800) 417-6568 or contact a specialist online with questions about products or accessories.

Applications for Single Phase Electrical Transformers

Single phase power electrical transformers are utilized to decrease localized voltage levels for power distribution. In addition, this type of electric transformer can be used to monitor voltage levels for televisions and other types of electronic devices. Single phase electrical transformers are popular in rural or suburban areas that don’t require as much electricity as large cities.

These electric transformers are also heavily utilized to provide electricity for industrial and residential light fixtures and HVAC equipment. If you’re having trouble choosing a transformer type for your project, give us a call by phone at (866) 418-9060 or (800) 417-6568.

Types of Single Phase Electrical Transformers

Depending on the configuration of a single phase electrical transformer, it may be able to be utilized in a variety of industries and applications. As electrical power is pushed through an electric transformer, the total proportion of the primary coils when compared to the secondary coils will affect whether or not the voltage levels grow or decline. Some types of single phase electrical transformers may have a modifiable turn ratio while others will preserve a 1:1 ratio to ensure a successful isolation of circuits.

The windings in a single phase electric transformer will vary to accommodate all types of applications. In a single winding configuration, an initial winding accepts a single level of voltage. On the other hand, single phase transformers that include a dual configuration include two original windings that accept two voltage levels.

Next, a transformer with a ladder winding configuration is designed with a stream of windings that develop a set of inductances among similar windings. Lastly, an electrical transformer may also include a quad winding configuration. With this type of setup, 2 initial windings are engineered to each accommodate a total of two voltage levels. Phoenix Phase Converters offers a large selection of single phase electrical transformers that are engineered to accommodate all types of usage cases. Give us a call by phone at (866) 418-9060 or (800) 417-6568 to receive help finding equipment for your project.

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