transformer phases

Transformer Phases

There are many different methods of supplying power to various parts of your business or home. This article will go over the different transformer phases and how single phase power differs from three phase power.

How Does a Single Phase Power Work

How Does Single Phase Power System Work?

The main reason why AC voltage and current is used at homes is because air conditioning can be generated at a convenient voltage, and then transformed into higher or lower voltage.

The single phase power system consists of a power input and primary and secondary coils that are used to achieve the required voltage. A single phase transformer can work by either decreasing or increasing the power input applied. For instance, when a single phase transformer is used to increase voltage, then the secondary coil is more than primary coils. This type of transformer is referred to as a step up transformer.

Single phase transformers uses two winding (primary and secondary) to transform voltage to the desired amount. These transformers come in different models, horsepower range, mounting, dimension, shipping weight, KVA and taps. When ordering a single phase transformer, it is important to be specific on the details so that you’re able to get exactly what you’re looking for.

How Does Three Phase Power System Work?

The three phase power system works differently from the single phase power system. In three phase, power is actually generated by rotating three coils via a magnetic field within the transformer. The three coils are usually spaced 120 degrees apart and generate power when they simultaneously rotate across the magnetic field. The coils must cut the magnetic field at 90 degrees in order to be effective. When one coil is at 0 degree, the other is at 120 degrees while the third one is at 240 degrees, and the process repeats itself. The power that has been generated is then sent to 3 lines: red, yellow and blue, which is then transmitted to home and industries.

Three phase transformers can only work if the coils are aligned in the correct order to correspond to the coming voltage. The transformer will transform the incoming voltage to the amount required while at the same time maintaining proper phasing and polarity.

Why Three Phase Power Systems Are Used in Industries

Three phase power systems are used in industries that use powerful machinery because it is consistent and can comfortably accommodate heavier loads. Three phase usually transmits voltage over a longer distance; a factor that enables heavy load machines to operate smoothly. The overall configuration of the three coils is referred to as delta. The 3 secondary winding can be configured either as wye or delta, depending on the voltage requirement. The phase circuit is widely used because it is more economical than a single phase circuit. They use less conductor to transmit the same amount of electrical power. They actually deliver 3 times the power with 1.5 times the copper.

Just like single phase transformer, 3 phase transformer also comes in different models and can be distinguished by KVA, mounting, horsepower, weight and dimension.

Which Transformer Phase Should I Use?

Transformer phases usually differ. The type of transformer used usually depends on the amount of power required. For instance, in order for a three phase power to be supplied, there must be a three phase transformers. Three phase power system requires less infrastructure, are more efficient and supply constant and reliable power that can enable heavy machines to run smoothly. If you need less power, consider using a single phase power system.

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