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Alternating current power is a form of electricity in which power flows constantly in changing directions. Since early 19th century, AC is the form of power that has been used in homes and businesses. However, for most businesses and industries, three phase AC power provided by single phase to three phase converters is used because it accommodates higher power loads. Three phase power consist of 3 power wires and each one of them is 120 degrees out of phase with each other. Wye and delta are the circuits used to maintain equal loads in a three phase converter. In delta configuration, neutral wire is not used. On the other hand, wye configuration uses both ground and neutral wire. In a single phase to three phase converter system, all the three phases usually enter the cycle at 120 degrees. However, when they complete the cycle of 360 degrees, each phase will have peaked twice voltage. The main difference between single phase and three phase is constancy of delivery. In single phase, power is not delivered at a constant rate. On the other hand, three phase power provided by single phase to three phase converters provides a steady stream of power that is delivered at a constant rate. This makes three phase power reliable and accommodates heavier loads.

Unlike single phase that has only one AC waveform, three phase power offered by single phase to three phase converters has 3 AC waveforms that are separated by angles of 120 degrees. three phase power provides 3 alternating currents which are uniformly separated in phase angle. The total amount of power supplied in all 3 alternating currents in a single phase to three phase converter is constant. Three phase power usually shares the same principle in almost all installations. The three phase wires in three phase converters are usually color coded in three different colors including red, yellow and blue. The red wire in a phase converter is assumed to start at 0 degrees, yellow at 120 degrees while the blue starts at 240 degrees. Electricians usually follow this principle when installing three phase power in a building with respect to neutral.

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Our large selection of Rotary Phase Converters act as a rotary electric power generator. They can transform single phase power into three phase power. Rotary Phase Converters do this by using a single phase two line supply of power from the utility, creating a third line of power.

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How Does a Single Phase to Three Phase Converter Work

Transforming a single-phase utility line into three-phase electricity is achievable using a rotary phase converter. Even so, few people really understand how a single phase to three phase converters work. Contact a specialist at Phoenix Phase Converters to learn more about rotary phase converters. To answer this question, it is essential to first understand what a rotary phase converter is.

A rotary phase converter transforms single-phase power from a utility source into three-phase electricity. It achieves this using an induction generator motor. Rotary phase converters merges the solitary line of power from the induction generator motor with two other single-phase lines, then produces the type of alternating current power that is used in three-phase electric motors and loads. Rotary phase converters, therefore, solve the problem of getting converting electricity from single phase to three phase in locations where it may be too expensive or unavailable.

So how do Rotary Phase Converters work?

Rotary phase converters play the role of a rotary electric power generator, which transforms single-phase power from a utility supply into three-phase power. The single phase to three phase converter itself creates a third line of power, which combines with two lines of single-phase power from the utility. This allows the rotary phase converter to create three-phase power that is not only indistinguishable from customary three-phase power but is also more accurate than three-phase power from a utility source when all lines are modified to 120 degrees.

When sized correctly, a rotary phase converter balances all of the three output voltages of the produced three-phase power over all the connected loads, making it a much more stable option.

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