Rotary Phase Converters

Rotary Phase Converters

Rotary Phase Converters create true three phase power supply, often more precise than utility-supplied three phase power. We only offer the highest quality 3 Phase Rotary Converters on the market.

Rotary phase converters are most commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings to power equipment when utility three-phase power is either too costly or not available. Rotary digital phase converters convert single-phase power into balanced three-phase power. Phase converters are a very cost-effective way to power three-phase CNC equipment, and they come with simple and easy to use installation manuals. Our equipment is rated using the maximum horsepower that they can handle. Due to the consistent voltage balance, the electric motor will operate at or near its full horsepower capacity when utilized with a three phase rotary converter. The output is custom balanced to meet the requirements of CNC equipment as well as other loads.

3 Phase Rotary Converter Uses

By balancing the output, phase converters can be used on any type of equipment, especially voltage sensitive equipment such as CNC machining centers, milling machines, lathes, PLC's, EDM's, and any other type of equipment that relies on balanced power input. You will want to verify that the phase converter is rated for the specific kilowatts (kW) that your equipment or machine requires. Our technical support team is available to help you with questions or concerns about three phase rotary converters. Give us a call by phone at (866) 418-9060 to receive assistance. We will answer any questions you might have and will help you properly size the right phase converter for your specific application. See how we change phase converters from single to three phase. Browse our online store to search rotary phase converters for sale today!

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rotary phase converter
rotary phase converters

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Types of Equipment That Use Three Phase Power:

Agriculture Equipment

We offer a large selection of rotary phase converters that are engineered to provide electrical power to agricultural equipment that requires three phase power. If you are unable to develop and implement 3 phase power near your farm, we recommend investing in a rotary phase converter to save money and boost productivity. Our phase converters are able to be utilized for assembly lines, fans, pumps, grain blenders, and other types of agricultural hardware. Prior to investing in a rotary phase converter for your farm, we recommend inspecting your equipment to determine the total amount of power it is able to accommodate.

Automotive & Commercial Equipment

If you own or operate an auto mechanic shop or commercial facility in an area with single phase power, a digital rotary phase converter may enhance productivity and help you save money. Rotary phase converters are designed to produce stable and efficient power for industrial equipment such as machining hardware, fans, car sanitization pumps, tire equalizers, chain hoists, and car hoists. To avoid selecting an incorrect phase converter, inspect the hardware in your auto shop, factory, or warehouse prior to comparing the specifications of different phase converter systems.

Food Handling Equipment

Food suppliers and manufacturers utilize state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently bake, cook, manufacture, and package products for consumers. They are able to meet the inventory demands of local grocery and specialty stores by leveraging the benefits of equipment that relies on three phase power.

Since three phase power electrical systems are costly to build in specific areas, there are a large number of food handling companies that do not have access to the power necessary to operate their equipment.

To eliminate inefficiencies and boost production, we recommend buying a rotary phase converter to convert the local single phase power to three phase. Phase converters can be utilized to provide power to hardware such as hobart blenders, coffee crushers, ovens, and ice cream mixers.

Wood Processing Equipment

Most wood processing and manufacturing plans use 3 phase power to operate their equipment. If your warehouse is in a location that only has access to single phase power, we suggest implementing a rotary phase converter to transform a single phase power supply to three phase power. Examples of wood processing hardware that requires 3 phase electricity includes milling equipment, saws, and belt sanders.


How Much Power Does a Phase Converter Consume? (click to expand)+

The total electricity that is consumed by a rotary phase converter will be dependent on the incoming loads that are requested by your commercial, agricultural, or food handling equipment. When there is downtime at your manufacturing plant or warehouse, the rotary phase converter may draw less than a kilowatt or a few kilowatts. The total amount of electricity a phase converter utilizes during downtime will vary depending on a variety of variables.

What Else Should I Purchase With My Rotary Phase Converter? (click to expand)+

Once you find a rotary phase converter that aligns with your specifications, you will also need other components such as wire, connectors, and a single phase power supply. Other types of equipment and components may be necessary and will vary based on the configuration of your hardware.

Is a Rotary Phase Converter Compatible With a CNC Machine? (click to expand)+

The term CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. This type of equipment features a computer that is able to accept operational commands. Most types of CNC hardware are extremely sensitive to high voltage. However, our catalog of rotary phase converters is engineered to provide a sufficient voltage balance to operate this type of equipment.

What is the Difference Between Rotary Phase Converters and Digital Static Phase Converters? (click to expand)+

Rotary phase converters are engineered to create reliable 3 phase power. This allows you to operate your equipment at full capacity. On the other hand, a digital static phase converter is not able to create three phase electricity or operate full loads simultaneously. Once the electric motor has been activated, a static phase converter is designed to deactivate its interior circuits. This allows the digital static phase converter to operate two of the three windings.


If you need to operate one or more pieces of hardware simultaneously, we recommend investing in a rotary phase converter. Do not purchase a digital static phase converter for this type of configuration. Static phase converters are only able to operate a single piece of hardware at a time. Static phase converters are usually utilized in warehouses and facilities that require less horsepower. A three phase motor can be operated with a static phase converter. However, the total horsepower output of the electric motor will be decreased since only two windings are activated.

A rotary phase converter should always be utilized to maintain various machines that operate continuously throughout the day. In some cases, you may only require a high phase of electricity to activate your motor. A static phase converter should be utilized for this type of application. In addition, static phase converters are less efficient when compared to rotary phase converters. If you have questions or concerns about rotary phase converters, give our team a call by phone at (866) 418-9060 to receive assistance.

Can a Voltage of 240 Be Used With a Rotary Phase Converter to Operate a Piece of Hardware With 480 Volts? (click to expand)+

To operate a piece of hardware with a 480 voltage rating, you will be required to invest in a step-up 3 phase transformer. The phase transformer will increase the voltage rating from 240 to 480 to meet the requirements of your project. A rotary phase converter is not designed to adjust voltages. The input voltage for a rotary phase converter will be identical to the output voltage. On the other hand, a rotary phase converter can be used to enhance a single phase electrical input to a three phase electrical output. If you need help boosting your voltage, give our staff a call by phone at (866) 418-9060. View our catalog of rotary phase converters and transformers for sale.

What Is Involved With Sizing a Rotary Phase Converter? (click to expand)+

The process of sizing a rotary phase converter is not complicated. Prior to choosing a digital phase converter, you will be required to inspect the equipment in your warehouse or facility to determine its electrical power demands. These specifications are usually provided in ampere (AMPs), kilowatt (kW,) horsepower (HP), or kilo-volt ampere (kVA). You will also need to be familiar with the voltage requirements of your equipment.

Depending on the requirements of your hardware, you will be required to invest in a rotary phase converter that supports small loads or large loads. If you believe your facility will be required to accommodate a larger load in the future, we recommend purchasing a 3 phase rotary converter that is engineered for complex loads. While your current configuration may not require this type of phase converter, purchasing a rotary phase converter that is able to accommodate larger loads will prepare you for the future.

If you’re searching for a rotary digital phase converter for a piece of equipment with a specific horsepower (HP) rating, you will be required to purchase a phase converter with a horsepower (HP) rating that is twice as powerful as your hardware. For example, if you have a piece of equipment that is 40 horsepower (HP), you will be required to purchase a rotary phase converter with a power rating of 80 horsepower (HP). While this method will not apply to all applications, it will give you an idea of the power rating required for the equipment in your commercial facility.

Where Should I Install My Rotary Phase Converter? (click to expand)+

A rotary phase converter is able to be installed in a variety of locations to accommodate the configuration of your hardware and layout of your facility. Phase converters are engineered to be installed inside or outside your commercial facility. Depending on the square footage of your workspace, you may choose to install the panel inside near your hardware that requires three phase electrical power.

On the other hand, you may decide to install the panel outside to save space in your facility. The idler is also designed to be installed inside or outside to meet your requirements. If you have questions about the installation process of a rotary phase converter, give our team a call by phone at (866) 418-9060 or fill out our contact form. Phoenix Phase Converters supplies reliable, durable, and efficient rotary phase converters to commercial properties.

What is the Lifespan of a Rotary Phase Converter? (click to expand)+

A rotary phase converter will provide you with reliable, safe, and efficient power production for 40+ years. The 3 phase rotary converters in our catalog are engineered with high-quality parts and components to ensure longevity, durability, and trustworthiness. The generators included with our rotary phase converters are manufactured with a cast iron exterior that is able to withstand corrosion in tough commercial applications.

Our phase converters also include dual oversized bearings and seals to ensure years of dependable operation. Each rotary phase converter in our catalog is engineered with digital protection protocols to protect the unit from voltage drops, overloading, and other types of issues. Give us a call by phone at (866) 418-9060 or contact a specialist online to receive assistance selecting a rotary phase converter for your facility.

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