Three Phase Electric Motors

3 Phase Electric Motors

What Exactly Is a 3 Phase Motor?

A 3 phase motor is an increasingly popular induction system used in the mechanical and electromechanical industries. Hailed for reliability, simplicity, and durability, 3 phase systems can be found in many single-speed household items including air conditioners, vacuums, and refrigerators. Let’s learn more about this type of mechanical system and how it functions.

Components of a 3 Phase Electric Motor

The rotor, stator, and enclosure are the major components that make up a durable 3 phase electric motor.

The rotor is a motorized system that generates energy by rotating. It houses metal bars and induction coils, forming a circuit.
Made from wound alloy steel, the stator coils in a 3 phase motor receive and generate energy produced from the alternating current.
This component contains the rotor to minimize friction caused by steady rotation. The enclosure of a 3 phase electric motor has mechanisms including a fan, bearing mounts, mechanical fins, and end caps—all of which combine to expel hot air and keep the system operational.

How a 3-Phase Motor Works

Due to the laws of electromagnetic induction created by Michael Faraday, an alternating current flowing within a stator will cause each of its three coils to generate a magnetic field and shift 120°, creating a rotating magnetic field. Consequently, the rotor, which is housed inside of the stator, produces an alternate magnetic field to compensate for the constantly shifting magnetic energies. The rotor in a 3 phase electric motor is therefore in a constant state of polarity and is unable to align with the stator. This produces a build-up of magnetic induction, which generates enough torque needed to rotate the motor shaft.

Please note: The rotations of an asynchronous (induction) motor are not generated by electrical connections.

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Applications of Three Phase Electric Motors

An induction motor is typically used with industrial components. For mechanisms that don’t usually require speed control, engineers opt for a squirrel cage induction motor.


Pumps, Grinding Machines, Flour Mills, Conveyors, Compressors, Pressing Machines, Lathe Machines

Alternatively, Slip Ring Motors Are Implemented In Heavy-Duty Applications That Require a Significantly Higher Torque: Crane Machines, Steel Mills, Line Shafts, Lifts, Hoists, and Other Heavy Workshop Applications.

What Is 3 Phase Power?

To understand three-phase power, we should start by learning a single power system. In a singular phase power system, a sinusoidal voltage is generated with two coils. A 3 phase electric motor operates the same way, but each of the 3 coils rotates at 120°. Single-phase applications effectively power a series of common appliances. 3 phase systems are reserved for high-power, industrial applications because they are highly efficient. This type of system generates three times as much power with only 1.5 times as much wire.

Advantages of 3 Phase Induction Motors

Aside from the economical design and ease of operation, there are several unique advantages of 3 phase electric induction motors. This type of motor has significantly lower operational and maintenance costs than synchronous and direct current motors. Not to mention, 3 phase motors are extremely durable and safe to operate in potentially hazardous conditions. Asynchronous motors have self-starting torque, which among other things prevents the need for additional components, like a capacitor, to ignite. Due to their unmatched speed regulations, these motors are used in a variety of applications. Single speed systems like wind turbines will generally have a 3 phase motor. With an induction motor, you’ll never need to use commutators or slip rings again. 3 phase electric motors are the clear choice for long-term, cost-effective usage. With low upfront pricing and extreme versatility, they are an exceptional choice for any fixed-speed or industrial mechanism.

3 Phase Aluminum Electric Motors

Our catalog of 3 phase aluminum motors consist of stainless-steel shafts and removable feet to serve a variety of applications. Most often used to operate equipment and hardware within commercial facilities or warehouses, our selection of 3 phase aluminum electric motors is integrated with an adjustable conduit box as well as a 40°C temperature rating to serve your specific application. Review our selection of 3 phase aluminum motors and select a system to meet your needs.

3 Phase Cast Iron Electric Motors

Our 3 phase cast iron electric motors consist of a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) system, extremely reliable electrical components, as well as a heavy-duty cast-iron frame. Best used to operate a variety of types of commercial equipment, high-performing 3 phase cast iron motors resist deterioration and are equipped with an intuitive configuration. The motors are equipped with a glass-nylon fan and a 40°C temperature rating to ensure absolute efficiency and satisfaction. Browse our selection of motors for your unique application.

3 Phase Open Enclosure Electric Motors

Our 3 phase open enclosure electric motors feature dual voltage, 40°C temperature rating as well as a rotatable conduit box. Additionally, this electric motor has stainless-steel shafts, dual oversized bearings, removable feet, and double lip oil seals for enhanced performance and continuous duty. Shop our variety of high-performing 3 phase open enclosure motors.

3 Phase Motors Offered By Phoenix Phase Converters

If you’re looking for a top-tier 3 phase motor, Phoenix Phase Converter is your best option. We offer a variety of types of 3 phase electric motors such as aluminum, cast iron, and open enclosure systems. For over 50 years, we’ve helped customers find the right parts needed for their specific goals, and we’ll do the same for you. With hundreds of options in stock and a 36-month warranty to back up our equipment, you’ll see why we’re the top choice for rotary phase converters, motors, and accessory components. At Phoenix Phase Converter we design, develop, and manufacture systems in-house for added quality. Give our team a call by phone at (866) 418-9060 to learn more about our products, warranties, and policies. In addition, you can choose to utilize our 24 hours automated direct support line at (800) 417-6568 to receive assistance.

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