ODP                                                        TEFC


There are two type of motor enclosures used in the phase converter industry, wikipedia definition,

ODP are less expensive, rolled metal housing and pot cast endbells, which is metal powder heat compressed to form, the is a less dense material, easy to fracture or crack of it is not handle carefully. In a ODP the windings and rotor an bearing's are exposed, dust, dirt, oil grease, and metal chip, can build up over the windings causing the motor to over heat, and the metal chips get caught in the laminations can cause it to short out. Motor manufacture do not cover this under warranty.


TEFC and more expensive and built to last, it is built with all cast iron, melted metal pour to form, making a dense heavy duty frame, cooling fins allow the fan heat to dissipate and the cooling fan blows air over the fins for cooling. most importantly, the motor is completely sealed, to keep any foreign material from the bearings, windings and the laminations, these motors last the longest, with many years in the electric motor field, we have witness the difference. Motors that are 20 years old that are TEFC look brand new a clean on the inside of the motor, where the ODP motors would not have lasted this long, in the matter of even a year a ODP if in a environment where the is airborne particles, like paint, solvents, saw dust, or metal fab shop, are need for repair as soon as a year.

Phoenix Phase Converter believes and has proven that TEFC are the best motor to use for any location, that is why we use this as a STANDARD, most competition if they offer it, it will be an upgrade at a premium charge over the ODP.










Example of a OPEN MOTOR shorted between the windings and stator.