Do you need a more steady and secure power supply to operate heavy equipment on the job? Three-phase power is what you’ve been looking for. This form of alternating current (AC) electricity provides the reliable power you need to tackle your demanding applications. Keep reading to learn more about what three-phase power is, how it works, and the amazing benefits you will enjoy when you decide to make the switch from single-phase power.

What Is Three-Phase Power?

To understand three-phase power, you first need to understand the basics of how electricity works.

Alternating Current and Direct Current Power

  • AC (alternating current) Power: Most standard power outlets supply alternating current (AC) power, which is a form of electricity that changes the direction of charge flow periodically (i.e. from negative to positive and vice versa).
  • DC (direct current) Power: While alternating current (AC) power changes directions frequently, direct current (DC) power provides a constant flow of energy that moves in a straight pattern. Devices such as batteries and cell phones use direct current (DC) power.

Understanding Three-Phase Power

Now it’s time to get a better picture of what three-phase power is and how it operates. Alternating current (AC) power comes in two main power forms, single-phase and three-phase. Three-phase power contains three separate alternating current (AC) voltages which enable it to provide more power than single-phase electricity—which contains only one voltage. Three-phase power is common in industrial and manufacturing settings because it provides a steady, strong electricity supply to power heavy equipment.

How Three-Phase Power Makes Electrical Installations Cheaper

The great thing about three-phase power and systems is that they provide three times more electricity than single-phase systems without requiring three times the conducting materials. Three-phase systems use four to five conducting wires whereas single-phase systems use two to three. That means three-phase systems only require roughly 50-66% more wiring to provide three times as much power. That’s a pretty good trade.

If your business uses heavy machinery, this is a game-changer. Since three-phase systems provide three times more power than single-phase systems with less than three times as much conductive material, you can operate heavy machinery at a lower cost. The daily savings associated with utilizing three-phase electricity may be small, but over time they will add up.

5 Benefits of Using Three-Phase Supply

If you’re considering a switch to three-phase electricity, check out the following benefits you’ll enjoy.

  1. Versatility: You can always get single-phase power from a three-phase supply, but you can never get three-phase power from a single-phase supply. If you need any amount of three-phase power, you need a three-phase supply.
  2. Efficiency: Three-phase systems supply a greater voltage at a faster rate with little to no power loss.
  3. Cost Savings: A stronger, more efficient power supply will save you money on monthly electricity bills and lengthen the life of your heavy equipment.
  4. No Power Failure: Three-phase power provides a steady, stable, reliable power source
  5. Self-Starting System: While single-phase systems require an external power source to start, three-phase systems start by themselves.

Three-Phase Supply Applications

You can use a three-phase electricity supply for various applications, particularly for industrial, manufacturing, and commercial sites to power heavy machinery. And remember, three-phase systems also can power smaller household appliances—like microwaves and blenders—if needed. Here are several examples of different types of equipment that use three-phase power.

  • Power Grids
  • Cell Phone Towers
  • Data Centers
  • Aircraft
  • Shipboards
  • Construction Equipment
  • 3D Printers

What Is a Rotary Phase Converter?

Rotary phase converters provide three-phase electricity on-demand to power your big projects. Investing in a rotary phase converter is a good idea if utility three-phase power—which you get from your electricity provider—is too expensive.

Remember when we said you can’t get three-phase power from a single-phase supply? Well, you can get it with a rotary phase converter. This device converts three-phase power into single-phase power as well as single-phase power into three-phase power. Whatever type of power you need, a rotary phase converter will get the job done. You can use a rotary phase converter on practically any kind of equipment.

Shop For Rotary Phase Converters

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