Such as heating elements, welders, EDMs, lights, ect....

Yes, a Rotary Phase Converter (RPC) can run resistive type loads.

Converter HP

Max Resistive Load amps

2 HP 4 amps
3 HP 5 amps
5 HP 7 amps
7.5 HP 10 amps
10 HP 14 amps
15 HP 22 amps
20 HP 28 amps
25 HP 35 amps
30 HP 42 amps
40 HP 56 amps
50 HP 70 amps
60 HP 84 amps
75 HP 105 amps



Resistive loads are typically used to convert into forms of energy such as heat or light, resistive loads generate no magnetic fields, Common include most electrical heaters, welders, EDM Machines, lights.

In a resitive load, the current is in phase with the voltage, the current rises immediatley to a steady state value, with out having any to little inrush current.