From everyday household items to custom designs, you can make just about any wooden piece using traditional woodworking techniques. Wood turning is the process of shaping wood with a lathe, which is a machine that rotates a workpiece around an axis of rotation to cut wood.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with small wood turning projects and working your way up to more complex ones as you master new skills. Thankfully, wood turning is a relatively affordable hobby that requires minimal materials and tools. If you’re not sure what wood lathe project to tackle first, take a look below at our top five woodturning ideas for beginners.

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5 Wood Turning Project Ideas


wooden bowls

From small spice bowls to large serving bowls and more, bowls are the ideal wood turning project for beginners. It’s because they involve simple shapes and movements, and the edges are easy to smooth. All you need is wood, a lathe, and a bowl gauge—which is a handheld tool that cuts and shapes the bowl in the lathe—to get started.

Bracelets & Bangles

wooden bangle bracelets

Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to compliment your wardrobe? You can make wooden bracelets and bangles of various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses using a lathe and a piece of wood. Just like with bowls, bracelets and bangles are fairly easy to shape, and their edges are easy to smooth for everyday wear.

Candle Holders

wood candle holders

Need the perfect table centerpiece for a holiday dinner party? Ditch your store-bought candle jars for custom-made candle holders. Simple to shape and design, these everyday decor items will add ambiance to any room in your home.


wooden spoons

From soup spoons and serving spoons to teaspoons and ladles, you can make any spoon you want using traditional woodturning techniques. All you need is a lathe, a bowl gauge, and either walnut, cherry, or maple wood. This is a great project for beginners because spoons are easy to shape, and you get to create a practical kitchen tool that will last for years to come.

Salt & Pepper Shakers

wood salt and pepper shakers

Last but not least, we have salt and pepper shakers. After a few tries, they’re pretty easy to get the hang of. This matching set makes for the perfect housewarming gift or customized wedding present for the happy couple.

Powering Your Wood Lathe

A phase converter is the best choice to power your wood lathe. No matter the size or complexity of your woodturning project, a phase converter will provide the reliable power you need to get it done right. You can count on having a steady power supply from start to finish.

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