If you’re wondering which type of electric power system you should use for your next commercial project, we have the resources to help you pick the right product. While single-phase and three-phase power systems work well in certain scenarios, rotary phase converters are the way to go for most applications. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of power systems and the primary advantages of using rotary phase converters.

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What Is a Three-Phase Generator?

If you’re working on a site that doesn’t have its own power source, a three-phase power generator is your best option for providing sufficient electricity for bigger projects. These generators come in various sizes and phase levels—depending on what they will be used to power—and are either gas or diesel-fueled.

Three-phase generators are especially useful for commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications because they create reliable energy that flows continuously. You don’t have to worry about any hiccups in power generation or not having enough electricity to power your project. If you need a system that can get any big job completed, you need a three-phase power generator.

Utility Three-Phase Power

Utility three-phase power is a type of electric current that carries a certain load of electricity from one source to another. Hence the name, utility three-phase power systems provide three electric currents. While single-phase power systems are more common for residential use, commercial, industrial, and agricultural worksites typically use utility three-phase power systems because they transfer greater amounts of power at the same rate.

These work environments use heavy equipment and machinery that require three-phase power to operate. Another difference between the two power phases is that while single-phase power experiences gaps in power delivery, utility three-phase power is constant.

Why We Require Utility Three-Phase Power

When discussing electricity, the term “phase” means how much power a system distributes. Utility three-phase power is commonly used because it carries greater amounts of power more efficiently than other power phases. For example, a utility three-phase power system transmits two to three times as much power as a single-phase power system. Machines and electrical systems used in construction and industrial environments get the greater amount of power that they need at a steady rate.


8 Benefits of Utility Three-Phase Power

The following list summarizes the primary benefits of using a utility three-phase power system instead of a single-phase power system. Take a look at the benefits:

  • More Power: Utility three-phase power systems deliver at least twice the amount of power as single-phase power systems.
  • Constant Flow: Three-phase power provides a constant flow of energy, whereas single-phase power can experience brief pauses in energy flow.
  • More Efficient: Transfer currents more efficiently than single-phase systems.
  • Cheaper: Utility three-phase power systems don’t require twice the amount of wires as a single-phase power system. This saves money on the wiring component of the power system.
  • Smaller: More compact than single-phase systems, which saves space for storing them.
  • More Versatile: Utility power can be converted into single-phase power pretty easily, but it’s more complex to convert a single-phase power system into a three-phase power system.
  • More Reliable: If one of the currents in a utility three-phase power system malfunctions or stops working, you can rely on the other two currents still. If the current in a single-phase power system malfunctions or stops working, there’s no backup option.
  • Automatic Start/Stop: Utility three-phase power systems start automatically while single-phase power systems require manual starting and stopping.

Three-Phase Power Cost

If you’re wondering how much it costs to have three-phase power installed, we’ve got an answer. On average, installing a utility three-phase power system costs roughly $50,000 per mile that it’s transported plus an additional amount for the setup process.

What Is a Rotary Phase Converter?

A rotary phase converter is a mechanism that converts power from one phase to another. Like you read above, single-phase power can be converted to three-phase power, and three-phase power can be converted to single-phase power. Rotary phase converters are what make this process possible.

How a Phase Converter Works

Rotary phase converters have an induction generator motor. The induction generator motor rotates, and this rotating motion converts single-phase power into three-phase power.

Rotary phase converters produce alternating current (AC) electric power, as opposed to direct current (DC) electric power. Depending on what you need it for, alternating current electric power can be better than direct current electric power because it’s cheaper to produce and is more commonly used.

3 Advantages of Rotary Phase Converters

Learn more about the benefits of using a rotary phase converter:

  • Save Money: If you have a single-phase power system but need the strength and efficiency of a three-phase power system, using a rotary phase converter will save you money. Instead of having to buy a separate three-phase power system, the rotary phase converter simply converts the energy phase for you. It’s also easier to produce AC electric power.
  • Save Time: Like three-phase power systems, rotary phase converters have built-in motor start controls. This feature allows the rotary phase converter to start automatically instead of requiring manual control.
  • Continuous Power: Three-phase power systems provide continuous power while single-phase power systems provide inconsistent power. Rotary phase converters create reliable three-phase power that provides users with a steady stream of power to get every job done better.

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