All of us, for different reasons, are trying to be more energy efficient. Some do it because they want to help the environment while others want money savings. If you are debating getting a new energy efficient power distribution transformer installed, here are 5 reasons you should look at installing three phase converters as soon as you can.


Energy Waste Savings

Most commercial entities get their electricity delivered to their building at high voltages than residential customers. That means a transformer is required to bring the overall voltage down to a safe level so that it can be used. Unfortunately, not all single phase to 3 phase converters are made the same. Some older models are extremely energy inefficient, meaning a lot of energy is wasted as power is distributed. In extreme cases, that waste can be as high at 75%.


Today’s phase converters for sale are much more energy efficient, which means you save money and energy. In fact, many phase converters, from single to 3 phase, are specially designed to capture maximum savings through minimal waste and electricity use. In some cases, that can be as much as 50% less waste.

Less Environmental Impact

Your business or organization uses power. Renewable energy sources that produce electricity are a minimal part of the overall electricity production cycle and most electricity comes initially from fossil fuels. The impact of using fossil fuels to make electricity on the environment, land, air and water, is significant.


By reviewing single phase to 3 phase converters for sale, you are indicating that you are committed to using as little electricity from fossil fuels as is practical. Going through with a purchase is an even bolder statement. Because of the reduced electricity use, phase converters and transformers help the environment directly, because less fossil fuel is needed to make the input electricity.


Longer Lifespans

Less efficient transformers and phase converters generate a lot of heat. Heat can reduce the lifespan of sensitive components and can result in the premature demise of the equipment. Many phase converters for sale offer so much reduced energy waste that the heat required to operate the transformers is greatly reduced. This means the machine will not become less efficient or die out prematurely.


A Better ROI

Less use of electricity means savings in utility bills, which, when applied against the cost of a power distribution transformer or 3 phase converter, makes the financial sense of installing one obvious. The greater the savings, the sooner you can see a return on your investment and every month that ROI gets more attractive.


Sustainability Compatibility

New construction, remodeling, retrofitting and rebuilding all have at least one commonality: Most contractors and project managers are looking to save their client's money. Just about all new transformers are in line with the goals of “green construction” and make building more energy efficient.


Power distribution transformers are game-changers for businesses that install them because of the energy savings and subsequent savings in utility bills. As importantly, that energy savings help preserve the environment and contribute to sustainable energy goals in terms of construction thresholds and everyday use. Check out several converter options by visiting Phoenix Phase Converters.