Deciding how to power your HVAC equipment is essential to ensure efficient operation, equipment longevity, cost savings, and—most importantly—safety. When it comes to choosing between a single-phase or three-phase power supply for reliable power, the latter option is your best choice. Keep reading to find out why.

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HVAC Equipment Power Requirements

Due to higher energy demands, modern HVAC equipment typically runs on three-phase power, as opposed to single-phase power. That’s because three-phase power can accommodate higher electrical loads for HVAC equipment. It’s also more reliable and efficient.

Although most HVAC equipment requires three-phase power to operate, it’s not always readily available. That’s where a digital phase converter comes in. This device converts the single-phase power your utility company supplies into three-phase power that your HVAC equipment can use. Since a phase converter can accommodate multiple loads simultaneously, you can power all your HVAC equipment with just one device.

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Benefits of Using a Phase Converter to Power HVAC Equipment

Check out the top four benefits of powering your HVAC equipment with a digital phase converter.

Damage Prevention

Using an inadequate or incompatible power supply for HVAC equipment can end up causing significant—and even irreversible—damage. If you want to protect your investment, it’s essential to supply it with the right kind of power. Unlike a rotary phase converter, a digital phase converter provides your equipment with enough three-phase power to meet your daily power demand without causing damage in the process.


A three-phase power supply can provide three times as much power as a single-phase power supply, all while using less energy to do it. Digital phase converters provide maximum power using minimal energy, which enables your HVAC equipment to achieve maximum output as efficiently as possible.


When your HVAC equipment runs on single-phase power, it runs the risk of malfunctioning or breaking down due to a lack of power. That’s because single-phase power experiences random dips in voltage when the demand is higher than the output. With three-phase power, you never have to worry about your equipment randomly failing. That’s because three-phase power provides a stronger supply of interrupted power from start to finish.

Low Maintenance

HVAC equipment that runs on single-phase power is more likely to malfunction and break down, necessitating more frequent and costly maintenance. With a lower risk of malfunctions and breakdowns, HVAC equipment that runs on three-phase power requires less maintenance over its lifespan, which saves you time and money.

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How To Use a Phase Converter for HVAC Equipment

If you plan to power your HVAC equipment with a phase converter, be sure to follow these steps before making a purchase.

1. Determine the power requirements of your HVAC equipment

Add the power ratings for each piece of HVAC equipment you have—like air conditioners, heaters, and heat pumps—to calculate the total power demand for your home or business.

2. Choose the right size phase converter

A phase converter that’s too small may not provide the amount of power that your HVAC equipment demands, and one that’s too big can waste money by consuming excess power. Using the right size phase converter ensures optimal performance and maximum efficiency while prolonging the life of your equipment. Need help with sizing? We’re here to help.

3. Install and connect the phase converter

Now that you have the right phase converter, it’s time to install it and connect it to your utility power supply and your equipment.

4. The phase converter will generate three-phase power for your HVAC equipment

Now you can sit back and relax while the single phase to 3 phase converter powers your HVAC equipment.

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